A simple and natural night routine with Wonderbar soaps

Wonderbar soap
Roseship oil Pai

A relaxing night routine requires two things : good products and simplicity. And by that we mean : keeping the number of steps to a minimum and using products whose ingredients are the most natural and less transformed possible. Who needs to follow a thirty minutes long ritual when you’re already exhausted and crave one thing and one thing only : get to bed ASAP !

So here is a two step routine easy to keep (yes, even after a crazy night out).


First, we need to wash all that dirt accumulated during the day right? Well, the Wonderbar soaps are made for that exact purpose. Handmade in Berlin, they are made of 100% natural, vegan ingredients*. There is nothing nasty in their composition that could harm your skin. And if they are respectful of your health, they are also very ecofriendly : their playful and funny packaging is made from 92% recycled paper !

So take your Wonderbar soap, moisten in in your hands and wash away !


How about we moisturize for the night now? That’s where the Roseship Oil by Pai comes in! That organic oil is a miracle and will help your skin regenerate like never before !


Well, that’s it ! See how quick it was? Off to bed now ;)

* Wonderbar is BRAND MAKING 100% all natural & vegan cold process soaps. They are made out of coconut & olive oil, natural botanicals, purifying earth clays, mineral-rich sea salt and natural essential oils.

by Jessica Ayinda