Teenage girl nonchalance - with Rosa Rosa The Label


Slow living, what an interesting concept. Most of the time, trying to take time for yourself is easier said than done. Who doesn’t wish to spend their days lost in their thoughts, daydreaming while listening to music, not worrying about anything? Sounds like the most perfect plan. Well, there were times when that plan was reality, times when figuring out who you truly were and trying to know yourself, were your main occupations. Youth, teen years, adolescence, call it what you want. All there is to be kept in mind is that it was a time when all you had to think and worry about was yourself and put all your energy into trying to bloom. And that period of nonchalance, comfort and innocence is a good representation of what Rosa Rosa the Label is : candid, solar, effortless. If all of this can feel quite nostalgic at first, here comes the good news : there is nothing that says that we cannot re-live these years and feel the way we felt then. This photoshoot is an invitation to relaxation, to laziness and endless dreaming. It is an invitation to awake the teen that we all have within ourselves - but let’s just maybe drop the bad attitude that sometimes comes with it ;)

Rosa Rosa The Label is a Melbourne based vegan clothing brand. All of their textiles are vegan friendly and PETA approved. The pieces are locally produced in fair conditions in Melbourne from very limited runs, in order to avoid waste. Their fabrics are sourced from a Melbourne provider as well as from a wholesaler importing fabrics from India, China and Germany. They have launched their first capsule collection in 2019 and will release their second one this Spring.

Photo credits : lily hunter - Writing & concept : Jessica Ayinda - Model: maya macpherson - make up : sam balm artistry

Featured pieces: Batwing tee - Piper dress  - ACLAND jumpsuit - SWEET LEOPARD PRINTED PANTS - MARMALADE TURTLE NEcK