Meet Jonny, the Australian vegan condom brand

Image credits : Jonny

Image credits : Jonny

Who would have thought that vegan condoms could ever be a thing? Well, the sky's the limit, as Jonny, the Australian brand has proved. The brand proposes subscription boxes and one time purchases of  palm oil and casein free lubricated condoms as well as water based and organic lube. To add, all the condoms come with a biodegradable bag for you to throw them away without any environmental harm done (flushing condoms or tampons in the toilets actually has quite a devastating effect). 

There are three different boxes: the Overnighter (3 condoms included for $7 AUD), the Weekender (6 condoms included for $10 AUD) and the Lover’s dozen (you may think that the name speaks for itself, but there are actually 13 condoms included  for $16 AUD : bargain). 

The best is yet to come:  in addition to being eco friendly, Jonny is also discrete! Don’t worry about anyone knowing what you’re receiving in your mailbox each month (although, there is absolutely no shame in it, quite the opposite) : every order is sent in a non-branded, recycled, recyclable & biodegradable padded mailer bag.

For now, the products are physically available only in Australia and the USA, but they are internationally shipped. Having sex safe has never been so trendy.