Sofar Sound : the intimate concerts

Photo : Sofar Sound

Photo : Sofar Sound

Have you ever been to a concert, a music festival or any kind of musical event and thought : the amount of people here is ruining my experience. Or maybe, you’re into discovering new artists whose music isn’t playing on a loop on everybody’s iPod (yet)? You’d love to experience live music with like-minded people who are actually here for the music and not for the ’gram?

Well, we have the solution for you : Sofar Sound. Back in 2009, Rafe Offer created this concept of intimate live sessions where a few people gathered to actually LISTEN to live music (instead of taking selfies of them listening to live music - shocker). And what started as a hobby then, has now become a worldwide community present in over 400 cities around the world.

But how does it work shall you ask? Simple. You need to buy tickets in advance (as they are very limited) without knowing the exact place (it’s only revealed the day before the event) nor the artists that will be performing. An open mind and thirst for discovery are required.

The goal is simple : share a live music session with people who really love music, in an intimate place (flats, gardens, small bars..) and discover artists that you may not know about and therefore widen your musical landscape. Sounds good right? That’s because it is.

You can check out their website and see if Sofar Sound is anywhere near where you live. Enjoy ;)

by Jessica Ayinda