10 inspiring Youtubers


We live in an era where sharing and consuming content on the internet has become a major way to discover new things - and Youtube is one of the best platforms for that. But with the crazy amount of youtubers out there, it can be hard to find new sources of inspiration. And as the youtube algorithm can be a b*ch sometimes, it will only push big accounts that don’t necessarily promote a lifestyle or way of consuming that fits with one’s principles. So we’ve decided to make the job a little easier and share our favorite inspiring accounts.


Jenny is a New York based college girl sharing her love for thrift shopping and sustainable clothing. She also shares content about the NYC life, and puts together very inspirational videos as well as vegan recipes. Overall her channel is a very relaxing place to find inspiration.

Our favorite video : morning routine in paradise.


Hanna lives in Minnesota and has a rather atypical lifestyle. Away from the basic 9 to 5 working girl, she shares videos about what life looks like when you live in a van (she sometimes does), her travels and all of the things she builds by herself (desks, kitchen counter you name it). Also, she sometimes makes her own clothes out of old ones and her apartment is full of plants. Her content is a great inspiration for home decor, DIY as well as for seeing other kinds of lifestyle. Careful though, her videos can also make you want to rebuild your whole apartment ;)

Our favorite video : her DIY video


Sara is a German independent artist who started her own art business as well as an Etsy shop. Her vlogs are the best thing as she takes us along her entrepreneur journey, showing the way she works as an independent artist, the struggles and the accomplishments that come with it. Her content is overall very motivational and insightful regarding how one works for her/himself. To add, her studio looks absolutely stunning and her dog is the cutest.

Our favorite video : any of her studio vlogs.

4 . AMy LEE (US)

Amy is a Los Angeles based young woman who shares videos about style, self love and motivation stuff. She is all about believing in yourself and self confidence. She is quite open about her own vulnerabilities which can help you feel better. She talks about motivation as well as intentional living and manifestation. Her content is very calming and relatable - she is the everyday girl that you like to have a chat with once in a while.

Our favorite video : the law of attraction


Rowena is a NYC based active woman who both has a regular job and do Youtube. She is a great source of motivation. She talks about self care, productivity and self improvement in a non guilty way. The atmosphere of her videos is really calm and informative and the fact that she lives in a one bedroom apartment in NYC and shares her struggle to manage her time and workload, makes her life really relatable to the regular city working girl.

Our favorite video : how to be a productive potato


This Australian youtuber will act as a dose of caffeine when you need it. She is all about intentional living, self improvement, working on yourself, minimalism, implementing new habits and getting rid of bad ones. She shares tips and tricks on how to better yourself and your life in general. A good thing is that her videos are for the most of them really short: she just gets straight to the point - making her content easy to consume on the go.

Our favorite video : her closet decluttering.


This content comes in french only.

Solange is a Canada born woman living in Paris who has one of the weirdest yet most entertaining personality the world has ever seen - it’s a love or hate situation. However, even if her content is funny and entertaining, she still picks really important topics such as self acceptance and promotes culture in a very interesting way.

Our favorite video : 2 trucs pour décomplexer (2 things to helps you gain confidence)


Ashley is a real babe who mostly shares fashion content. Through her styling and haul videos, she promotes thrift shopping and even includes sustainable pieces once in a while. So great influence right? In addition to her fashion videos, her channel is a great place for girl talks about acne, girls problems, period and sex (which she talks about very openly including casual sex). Though her content is directed to a young teen audience, it feels good to see that young people are starting to detach themselves from pre-conceived ideas about female sexuality and womanhood. Keep preaching girl !

Our favorite video: altering my clothes while bleeding out my vagina


This content comes in french only.

Coline is a French woman, mum of two kids who mostly talks about natural and organic beauty and self care products. But she also shares tricks for a free waste life as well ans vegan inspo. To add, she frequently brings up the topic of period and all the chemicals free protection alternatives that exist. Her tone is very franc, she rarely sugar quotes anything - which is appreciable.

Our favorite video: any of her period related videos


If slow and intentional living is something you’re into, then you’ll fall in love with Zoe. This Amsterdam based woman shares tips on meditation and on how to live a mindful life. She is also a heavy traveller so you’ll be able to follow her along her trips to South Africa, Zanzibar or Ibiza even. She likes everything natural in term of products and is a vegan as well. For a zen and relaxed content, you’ve come to the right place.

Our favorite video: how to meditate


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