How to get that badass attitude back after a few days feeling low?

Life’s testing you and you’re feeling more like a dumpling than an actual human being? Been there, done that. Well, here are the ultimate tricks to feel like the badass you truly are.

Girls HBO Dancing on my own.gif

Dance in your pyjamas  

Ok so in order to feel good you need to get in a certain mood right? The best way to do that is and has always been music. Put your favorite jam on (very loud) and dance however your want - there is no audience so just enjoy yourself. Turn off the lights if that can help make you feel less awkward. Maybe just shut the curtains so that your neighbor don’t think you’re having a heart attack. 

Best tracks to do so : Dancing on my own by Robyn or Independent woman by the Destiny Child. 


Go do stuff on your own and learn to appreciate it. 

We tend to rely a lot on our friends and family to go out and have fun. Which makes sense as obviously enjoying things as group is always appreciable (duh !). But sometimes, taking yourself to lunch, an exhibit or whatever you like can be pretty cool as well. It reinforces self confidence and makes you feel independent AF.  

Victore & Rolf dress.jpg

Dress to impress.. yourself

Why don’t you put that dress that makes your ass look like the finest peach emoji ever? And no, it’s not so that everyone can notice you in da club, it’s for you to feel good about yourself and remind yourself that yeah, you did spend your entire week in these shapeless pyjamas but when you decide to dress up, you do it, and you do it well. 

cancel plans mean girls

Cancel that plan you don’t want to go to AND TREAT YOURSELF TO A PAMPER EVENING INSTEAD

Don’t  👏 make  👏 yourself  👏 go  👏to  👏social  👏 events  👏 you  👏 don’t  👏 want  👏 to  👏 go  👏 to !

What’s the point? Pleasing people? What about you? How about you order some take out, take a bubble bath and put a mask on instead? That way you get to feel good about yourself and start fresh in the morning !

Samatha Jones GIF.gif

Type “ GIF Samantha Jones Sex & the City” on Google image… and wait

That’s the finishing touch to wake up the badass that’s in you. Samantha is one of the best examples of a badass woman in television, we cannot count the number of great catch phrases she’s said to affirm her independence and sense of self worth. Binge some episodes, look at some of her GIFs, be like Samantha.  

Here you go girls ;)