How to make September feel like a new beginning

illustration by Audrey Puchar (@madzillustration) for SLAE. Mag

illustration by Audrey Puchar (@madzillustration) for SLAE. Mag

September! The “back to school/work” period we’ve all been dreading has begun. To say goodbye to vacations, beaches, sun and sand IS heartbreaking, we’ ll not lie. But isn’t the perspective of starting fresh kind of exciting? At least a little? There was a time, when we were still innocent-ish children heading back to school after the looong summer holidays, getting that “new beginning” feeling was rather easy as everything was made for us to feel that way : from new backpacks to different classmates. As adults - apart from maybe a new vase or something - jobs and colleagues usually remain the same. So we’ve rounded up 5 ways for you to get that “September fresh start” vibe, adult style. 

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A big cleaning session

As basic as this one may sound, nothing puts you more in the mood for a fresh start than having a clean and tidy space. You just have to pick a day - possibly before you actually have to go back to work -  and stick to it. Set your alarm in the morning, drink some coffee and just go for it. And make sure you don’t only take care of your physical space : your laptop and phone are also in need of a good clean up. Delete the unnecessary emails, unsubscribe from newsletters you don’t read (not ours though), and get rid of the random screenshots on your phone (we all have them - bye bye meme of Kim Kardashian that made you laugh that one time).

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A wardrobe clear out 

Next step would be to sort that overflowing wardrobe of yours. Haven’t worn that top for the last three months? Say goodbye to it. Forgot about that red party dress? Good riddance then. You can either give them to charity or potentially interested friends or even make some money by selling them on Vinted or Depop. Nothing like a tidy closet to feel motivated to get ready in the morning. 


Create new habits 

Implementing news habits in our routines participates to making us feel motivated as we’re basically setting new, archivable goals in our lives. Studies have shown that it takes about two months for a new habit to become automatic. Whether you want to drink more water, practice a sport regularly or wake up earlier in the morning for whatever reason, you need to do it consistently for your brain to actually assimilate it as a part of your routine.  And don’t give up if you ever forget or feel too lazy one day - it doesn’t matter, just be persistent ! 


Redecorate - reorganize your home

Our surroundings and especially home decor, have a huge influence on the way we feel and can sometimes create a feeling of boredom if they’ve been the same for too long. The cure : switch things up a bit ! You can definitely buy new items if that’s something you want, but for those of you who are on a budget (hiiii sis’, join the club), just reorganizing your space can do the trick. You can just move things and furniture around and if you’ve got a few euros/pounds/dollars on the side, buy some flowers or plants - they always add a special effect to a room.  

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Get a good old haircut

New hair, new me. Isn’t that the saying? Well it should be. 

Do you sometimes get tired of seeing your own reflection in the mirror ? I know, it sounds pretty bad said like that - like isn’t SLAE Mag supposed to be about self love and stuff? Of course we are, but we also like to keep it real. And the truth is, seeing the same face every-single-morning, well.. it gets old. So get that haircut, get your hair braided, color it, switch weaves, whatever! As long as it makes you feel like a new person - at least hair-wise. We’ll work on your inner self later ;)

By Jessica Ayinda