Cultural news : What does the James Charles dram says about us?


Social media has been the scene of numerous dramas lately. And despite all the backlashes about the final Game of Thrones season, the most important event of the last few weeks social media-wise still remains the one that has shaken the beauty community. The protagonist : James Charles. The now 20 yo successful influencer was accused by his fellow youtubers of being a self absorbed traitor and an alleged sex predator. While swords and dragons are the most powerful weapons of Westeros, here video making and editing are the most dangerous thing. And that’s through many of videos, along with numerous tweets and instagram stories that all this drama built itself. We will not get into the details of it, enough has already been said, and the tea already been spilled.

The whole thing was rather ridiculous and frankly looked more like a millionaire version of a high schoolers fight than anything. But still, it says quite a lot about us, as drama consumers. First, that we are so eager to learn juicy gossip that we’re willing to believe stuff that we know absolutely nothing about, just for the sake of entertainment. To add, we tend to forget the consequences that this unhealthy curiosity has on the people involved in the drama itself. Online public shaming can have serious consequences on people, no matter how rich or successful they are.

Second thing is about that “cancel culture” aka that general decision to unfollow and shame influencers as a payback for their misbehavior. This can be seen as people taking back what they first gave - meaning :  “as followers, we are the one who “made you” as influencers, so that’s us taking it all back”. That kind of makes sense : why should people support someone who takes their audience for granted and doesn’t seem to “give back”. But at the same time, this way of “cancelling people” seems to have gotten out of control and tend to no longer be justified. The proof lies in the way we, as followers kept changing our mind throughout the whole James Charles drama : one day we gave all of our support to Tati and then turned our back on her and started supporting JC again. This whole thing is an exposé of how insane social media can get and that, as much as we criticize influencers, considering how drama hungry we sometimes get, we are actually contributing in setting everything in motion.

By Jessica Ayinda