Basics : 5 Ethical Minimalist jewelry brands that you can actually afford (or might be able to afford if you save money for a little while)

Whether it's for luck or to brighten an outfit, a piece of jewelry is a long term investment. But as pretty much everything else, we like it when it’s ethically made with well sourced materials. So here are 5 Ethical minimalist jewelry brands that you can actually afford (or might be able to afford if you save money for a little while).



Cute, pretty & affordable. What else?

Neinties is a Danish brand that sell very affordable pieces of jewelry that are for the most part, locally made in Denmark.The other part is made by their team in Bangkok. The materials they use is sourced from small artisans from Europe or Thailand. Their style is very minimal, discrete with cute details. You just need to be careful as their products get sold out pretty often, not gonna lie. Perfect for a cute and simple present for little budgets.

And they sell ..? Every type of jewelry : rings, bracelets, necklaces and earrings. Happy :) ?

What are the products made of ? Noble materials such as gold and sterling silver. That’s it.

Our favorite piece? It was very hard to choose as everything on their website looks adorable. But if we had to pick, it would be the Eclipse hoop sterling silver, and the Constellation bracelet sterling silver (Oops, accidently picked two !)

And the price range? $ (like, it’s pretty affordable, you’re good)



Authentic and made with ethics.

Wild Fawn Jewelry is a UK based woman owned business that focus on eco friendly jewelry. Every single piece of jewelry is handmade in their London studio. The motivation behind this project was to show that one can make beautiful jewelry without making the earth or the gold miners suffer in any way. The style of the pieces is simple, minimalist yet very creative in terms of shapes. To add, some of the pieces have a very raw aspect that make them feel very authentic (like their pendant necklaces that we absolutely LOVE).

Quick FYI : As everything is handmade, the orders are shipped within 2 weeks. No last minute purchase then !

And they sell ..? The offer is super wide : Bracelets, cartilage, earcuffs, earrings, necklaces, rings… And… you actually can customize some pieces.

What are the products made of ? Recycled silver and fairtrade gold.

Our favorite piece? Definitely the Twist earrings for the original and minimal style and one of their vintage looking pendant necklaces

And the price range? $$ (like, you can afford it but some pieces are quite pricey)



The perfect statement piece.

Soko is a San Francisco based company that produce their products in Kenya, in a fair  ethical way (they pay their artisans five times more than the average). Every piece is handmade by local artisans. You can definitely see the Kenyan touch in the design and materials used that, mixed with the shapes and colors make every piece a statement piece. If a pair of earrings usually is the final touch to an outfit, that’s not what this is : here, they actually make the whole look.

And they sell ..? Earrings, bracelets, necklaces and rings.

What are the products made of ? They use reclaimed, recycled and locally sourced materials for quality and sustainability.

Our favorite piece? That’s a tricky one. Let’s say the Raba Hoop Earrings AND the Mixed material fanned ring stack

And the price range? $$ (like, yeah.. it’s not the cheapest..)



Fun and easy going.

Sancho is a UK based ethical marketplace selling all kind of lovely stuff. And jewelry is one of them. They have their own brand but also sell other brands collections that use fair-trade and/or recycled materials. These brands often support meaning causes as well, such as empowerment of the local population where the jewelry is handmade.

As it is a market place, there are various styles : from very minimal and monochrome to colorful and more “funny” pieces.  

And they sell ..? Necklaces, rings and bracelets. Not bad right?

What are the products made of ? Gold, fair traded materials, brass.

Our favorite piece? Without any doubt the Zoya Stacking Rings

And the price range? $ ( like, yes you can treat yourself)



The empowering jewelry.

Making a statement with a minimal aesthetic. That’s what this Belgium brand is all about. That, and honest and responsible sourcing from small business in Belgium and Greece where they order small quantities in order to avoid waste as much as possible. Every piece is conceived in their Antwerp atelier.

The style is very raw and minimal, with the use of different metals and natural materials. The design is simply sublime for those who like a good large, imposant piece of jewelry. There’s almost something empowering about their pieces.

And they sell ..? Earrings, bracelets, necklaces and rings.

What are the products made of ? A lot of metal (brass),repurposed materials, silver, gold..

Our favorite piece? With no hesitation the Beatriz ring

And the price range? $$ (like, you may have to eat rice for a few days after buying one our their products)