Fenty by Rihanna


Two weeks ago, the announce of the collaboration between Rihanna and LVMH went public : the famous 31 yo singer will be creating her very own clothing brand within the LVMH luxury group. Fenty, brand of which Rihanna owns 49.99% of the market shares, is the first ready to wear brand started from scratch by LVMH since Christian Lacroix in 1987. Well, it doesn’t really come as a surprise: Rihanna has many times in the past proven her great abilities as a business woman, with first her makeup brand created with LVMH (that played an important role in making the beauty industry a more inclusive space in term of ethnic representations), her successful collaboration with Puma or even her lingerie line.

That collaboration with LVMH is great news at different levels. First because she is the first Black woman to ever create a luxury clothing brand within such a big group - and in a world where success figures seem to always be the same, that is a big deal. Having a Black woman associated with such a prestigious group is major as it helps alleviate the lack of diversity in that field and plays as an inspiration model within Black communities. Regarding the clothes, it was clear from the beginning : she wanted to design pieces that she could wear herself and that would look good on her. Meaning that her clothes are designed for every body types - including curvy ones - which, is a first within the luxury industry. So not only she is an example of female success, but her brand also carries values of body positivity, which can be seen through the models chosen to represent the collection.

The press presentation took place on May 22nd in her first Parisian pop up store, whose result was the public release of the collection lookbook in which we were able to discover all the looks and pieces. Overall the style is very Rihanna like : oversized/tomboy silhouettes, lots of denim, blazers and short dresses associated with high heels. The pieces have a very minimal style, feel very luxurious while still being wearable : overall a great selection to test her products on the market.

The website will launch on May 29th and we’ll be then able to discover the integrality of the first collection, including accessories, bags along with their price tags that are supposed to go from $200 to about $2 000. We look forward to seeing how this goes, and if it will have the positive impact that we expect it to have on the fashion/luxury industry.

By Jessica Ayinda






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